Maintaining a Palm Tree

palm tree trimming and maintenance fort bend simpsons tree service Missouri City TxCaring for and helping a palm tree reach its full potential is relatively straightforward. There are some vital things you can do to ensure that your palm tree reaches full growth and health potential.

1. Fertilization First Palm trees require a variety of nutrients to survive. Because palm trees naturally thrive in sandy, well-drained soils, nutrients tend to leach away quickly. There are fertilizers specific to palms that release nutrients very slowly, to provide steady, targeted feeding.

2. Mycorrhizal Fungi  Mycorrhizal fungi colonize plant and tree root systems. In exchange for food, these fungi return to the palm vital nutrients and moisture.

The fungi can even extend the root area several hundred percent – helping it survive in very dry conditions. If you live in an urban environment, it’s possible that your palm is missing this vital and symbiotic fungi.Pruning a Palm TreePalm trees grow quickly and pruning a palm tree can be beneficial when done correctly. However, overpruning can be detrimental to the health and growth of the tree. The thought that the more often a palm tree is pruned, the faster it will grow is an incorect notion.

  • Yellow, brown or broken fronds should be pruned off the palm tree.
  • Loose petioles should be removed by hand. If they do not pull off easily, leave them on the tree.
  • Flower and fruit stalks should be removed from the tree. When the tree is growing to fast for its surrounding, thin out clumps of palms and trim back new growth.
  • Green fronds should be left alone.
  • Do not cut fronds too close to the trunk – this can damage the tree.

palm tree trimming and maintenance south west houston simpsons tree service sugar landPruning keeps rodents away!Palm trees with slumping, dead fronds can attract pests such as rats, roaches, bats and snakes. Rodents may nest and breed within thick layers of dead fronds in untrimmed palm trees and have easy access to your roof and home. Careful and periodic palm tree trimming will help prevent unwanted pests on your property.

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Always remember to:

  • Wear thick work gloves to protect your hands from the rough bark and fronds.
  • Leave at least two rows of mature fronds on the tree.
  • Do not prune palms for cosmetic reasons.
  • Be very careful not to damage the trunk of the tree with your lawn mower or trimmer. Open wounds are entry points for insects and disease.

For tall palm trees, do consider hiring palm tree care professional.

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