Hurricane Prep & Recovery Services In Sugar Land, TX

#1 Hurricane Prep & Recovery Services In Sugar Land, TX

Expert hurricane prep services in Fort Bend County & Southwest Houston.

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Hurricane Prep & Recovery Services

Tree damage is one of the most common results of property damage during a severe wind storm or hurricane. That is why it is important for your property to be prepared for a hurricane or wind storm. If it isn't your trees or tree branches could fall and damage your house, other buildings, cars, driveways, or utilities. Let us help protect your property from damage with our hurricane prep and recovery services.

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Hurricane Prep & Recovery Services in Sugar Land and South Houston

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Why Choose Simpsons Tree Removal For Hurricane Prep & Removal Services?

When you choose Simpsons Tree Service for hurricane prep and recovery you are choosing the top rated company in Fort Bend County. You can have peace of mind knowing that we will use our 27+ years of experience to protect your property from damage. We will prepare your trees for hurricane season to greatly reduce the chance that your trees or property will be damaged.

  • parkTree Removal
    If you need a tree removed we are the company to call. We have the equipment, experience, licenses, and insurance necessary to get the job done properly. We will remove your tree and any tree debris along with it.
  • content_cutTree Trimming
    Every tree is not the same. Different trees need to be trimmed in different ways. We are experts in trimming your trees the right way. We will make sure your trees are healthy, look good, and help protect them from decay.

Getting Your Trees Prepared Is Easy

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5 Star Rated Hurricane Prep & Recovery Services

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Local Hurricane Prep & Recovery Services In Sugar Land, Texas

We are a full service hurricane prep and recovery services company. If you need your trees prepared we can help. We service Sugar Land, Texas and the surrounding areas.

  • Sugar Land
  • Richmond
  • Rosenberg
  • Missouri City
  • Stafford
  • Katy
  • Needville
  • Southwest Houston
  • Fort Bend County
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Hurricane Recovery Tree Service

Do You Need Your Trees Hurricane Prepared?

This Is What You Get When You Choose Us:

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Quality Service & Affordable Pricing


Over 25 Years Of Experience




Locally Owned & Operated

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Tree Removal FAQs

Should I Remove A Tree To Prepare For A Hurricane?

In general, trees should be removed if at least one of these applies:

  • Large limbs are broken
  • The lower trunk is cracked or broken
  • The tree is leaning toward a structure or other target
  • A large stem has split from the tree
  • The remaining tree structure is highly susceptible to further damage
  • Primary roots are severed or broken
Contact us to get a free assessment on hurricane prep and recovery.

Can my tree be restored after a storm?

Trees that can be restored might have any of the following damage:

  • Defoliated canopy
  • Small branches that are dead or broken
  • Some major limbs are broken in decay-resistant species, such as live oak or if the tree is young and less than 10 inches in diameter
  • Most of the canopy is destroyed in decay-resistant species
If your trees have damage from a storm let us know. We will check them out and let you know if we can restore them.

Do I have To Be Present When The Estimator Or Crew Comes?

We do prefer but, do not require customers to be on-site during our estimate or to perform our services. Once we have gathered as much information as possible about the project, we will contact you with a proposal. If there are any questions or want to follow through with the project, you can call us at 281-849-7004 or text us at 832-275-3823

Is Simpsons Tree Service Inc insured?

Simpsons Tree Service Inc is fully insured and will provide proof upon request. We insist that our clients ask for proof of insurance no matter which company they decide to pursue regarding their project. Full insurance is imperative for your safety and state of mind, knowing that no liability will be placed on you for your contracted services. If you would like proof of insurance, you can request a copy by emailing us at or by calling our office 281-849-7004.

How Long Will Tree Removal Take?

The majority of jobs can be completed in a half day, but some take longer. When we meet with you for a price quote, we will be able to determine approximate timing. We run a large highly experienced crew. So, completion time will be less than a normal tree company.

Contact Us For Tree Services

Do you need tree services? We make it easy to schedule your trees to be serviced. Either fill out the form below or call us at 281-849-6861 to get started.

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