Why you should hire a local tree expert to trim your trees.

Simpson’s Tree Service is your local tree expert. We have over 25 years of caring for trees in the local community. Whether you have had storm damage or simply need to beautify your property, we are the ones to call. You can reach us at 281-980-0095 and we will be there quickly to take care of your tree needs. Trimming your own trees can be very dangerous. Hire a tree expert who can make sure your trees are trimmed properly and safely. Below are reasons to hire a tree expert instead of attempting to do it yourself.

  • Falling Twigs, Branches, and Trees

The foremost reason why you should hire an expert is the danger of falling branches, twigs and the tree itself. A heavy limb could crash through a picture windows, or fall on roofs and cars. Your endeavor may result in extensive damage. The money you save on not calling professionals is just not worth the risk.

  • You May Fall

One wrong step and you may find yourself on the quick route to the nearest hospital. You may damage your knee, hurt your back or hit your head if you are not careful. Even the most careful tree fellers are not absolutely ready for the dangers that can accompany tree felling. However, tree maintenance technicians, like us anticipate these dangers and are better prepared to handle them.

  • Risk of Electrocution

You do not want to experience firsthand what a chainsaw blade can do to electrical lines. Results are severe from being knocked out flat to burning and disfigurement.

Professionals always take necessary precautions before trimming a tree. For instance, we check a tree thoroughly for hidden power lines and shut off the lines at source before attempting to chop it down.

  • Tool Injury

You may know your way around a chainsaw and other tools with both feet planted firmly on the ground. However, the story is quite different when you are hanging on a branch. You could end up seriously hurting yourself without necessary protective equipment. We use sophisticated wood chippers, chainsaw mechanisms, and cranes while felling large trees. It is best to let the professionals handle these jobs if you want it done safely.

For over 25 years Simpson’s Tree Service has been proudly serving the Fort Bend and Southwest Houston areas with quality service. Our experienced crew can help you make sure your trees stay healthy and beautiful by properly trimming your trees. Hiring a professional tree service will aid in the life and health of your trees. Call Simpson’s Tree Service today at 281-980-0095 to find out more information and make arrangements for your FREE estimate. We’re here to help!