For over 27 years Simpson’s Tree Service has been proudly serving the Fort Bend and Southwest Houston areas with quality service. Our experienced crew can help you make sure your trees stay healthy and beautiful by properly trimming your trees.

There are many things to consider when selecting a tree service company. It is best to make sure that they are experienced and have the necessary equipment and manpower to take care of your trees. Our employees are experienced and have worked for Simpson’s Tree Service for over 10 plus years. We have the equipment and manpower to trim your trees efficiently and we clean up immaculately.

It is important to remove dead trees before they affect your landscaping and encourage small insects to feed off the dead tree and infiltrate your landscaping and possibly your home. Because dead trees do not sprout leaves, they are easily identified. A dead tree should be removed promptly, especially if it is an area where it could inflict damage or injure someone if it fell. We provide dead removal and assure you it will be done the right way without causing any damage.

It is imperative to hire a professional tree service due to the heights involved. Tree work is very dangerous and must be done properly. A falling branch can damage a home, a vehicle, or other property. It is very important to make sure that the tree service you use is has the knowledge and experience to trim your trees properly. At Simpson’s Tree Service we recommend what is best for the homeowner, not just our bottom line. We offer FREE estimates to let you know what is necessary to help your trees stay healthy and beautiful.

Texas is known for hurricanes and thunderstorms that can cause havoc to your trees. By properly having your trees maintained, with trimming and dead branch removal; you are protecting your trees and all of your property from heavy winds and rain that will cause your trees to not withstand the storms.

Our motto is “When Quality Counts – Call Simpson’s Tree Service”. We provide quality service from experienced professionals and stand by our services.

Hiring a professional tree service will aid in the life and health of your trees. We are insured for your protection. Call Simpson’s Tree Service today at 281-980-0095 to find out more information and make arrangements for your FREE estimate. We’re here to help!