Tree topping can kill: Although tree topping, or cutting off the top of the tree, is a common practice, we do not recommend it. Instead, we prefer a technique that is known as crown reduction, which involves removing specific branches at or near the tree top. Whereas tree topping can easily kill the tree, crown reduction is far less damaging. We frequently remove even difficult trees with little damage to other trees, plants, landscaping, and lawns. Our experienced crew cuts the tree into manageable sized pieces and lowers them to the ground thus providing protection for other areas of your property. When assessing quotes, make sure to compare them according to the removal that each proposed. Simpson’s Tree Service has extensive experience is the proper way to remove a tree. There are many things to consider when maintaining your trees.

Dead branches present a risk of falling, are unsightly, permit decay to enter the tree, and serve no useful purpose to the tree! They should be promptly removed. Fungus and mushrooms growing on a tree or around the base of a tree are signs of decaying or rotting wood or roots. When a tree’s roots decay or rot, the tree is dying. As the roots weaken, the tree loses support and is more likely to fall or split. A dead tree should be removed promptly, especially if it is in an area where it could inflict damage or injure someone if it fell. Raised or broken earth around the tree base may be a sign that the tree is starting to uproot and potentially fall, especially in a strong storm. In fact, dead tree removal is one or our most common tree service jobs.

For over 27 years Simpson’s Tree Service has been proudly serving the Fort Bend and Southwest Houston areas with quality service. There are many common tree problems that you need to consider. Since many tree problems are easily identified, experts advise regularly examining your trees and looking for potential problems. Our tree specialists can help you make sure your trees stay healthy and beautiful.

Hiring a professional tree service will aid in the life and health of your trees. We are insured for your protection. Call Simpson’s Tree Service today at 281-980-0095 to find out more information and make arrangements for your FREE estimate. We’re here to help!