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Hurricane Season is almost here! Are your trees ready? Hurricane Season starts June first, don’t be caught unprepared. It is important to protect your property against severe weather.

Tree limbs hanging over your roof can cost you money if they are not properly trimmed. Your trees may never recover from severe storm damage and eventually cost you extra money that could have been prevented with proper tree trimming. Old trees are especially dangerous because they may have hollow spots that will cause the tree to come down during a storm. Heavy and weak, damaged or dead limbs are the first to go during a storm.

If your tree is near your home, this puts your windows, and your safety into serious jeopardy. Dead and weakened limbs should be pruned out of trees annually and thin excess branches out of the crown to reduce the sail affect on the canopy. Strong roots and properly pruned branches helps your tree defend itself against nature’s elements.

Simpsons is a family owned and operated tree service company and we care about your property. Our employees are long-time employees and work fast, efficiently, and clean up spotlessly.

High winds occurring during thunderstorms can cause tree roots to fail and branches to weaken, resulting in power outages, property damage, and even personal injury. None of this is an easy experience for a homeowner. That is why pre-storm strategies are recommended to identify potentially hazardous conditions and to help reduce the risk of damage before harsh weather occurs.

In many cases, hazards are not always obvious to the untrained eye and correcting them can be a dangerous job. While it is impossible to totally protect your trees and property from severe storms, a tree specialist can inspect for issues that could predispose trees to failure. By maintaining your trees with regular and proper tree maintenance, you can take important steps to protect your home and property from tree damage during periods of strong winds or storms.

Trees provide beauty and add value to your property, so proper maintenance of your trees is especially important. Simpson’s Tree Service has the experience and skills necessary to provide customers with excellent tree care.

This family-owned tree expert business offers affordable tree care services from the smallest of delicate tree shaping to the most hazardous large tree removals – and everything in between. To ensure the long-term health of your investment and because properly pruned trees require less frequent pruning, which will save you money. Hiring a professional tree service will aid in the life and health of your trees. We are insured for your protection. Proudly serving the Fort Bend and South West Houston area since 1991. You may text your pictures to 832-275-3823 and we will review and get back to you as soon as possible or call Simpson’s Tree Service today at 281-980-0095 to find our more information and make arrangements for your FREE estimate. We’re here to help!